Aasimar Warpriest


Female aasimar, light green skin, dark green eyes and hair, always with the trident in her hands or at her back, along with a longsword.


Born of mother angel and father human, dumped on the edge of the woods, left to the Dryads to deal with because father had no idea what to do with a weird green child. Accepted into their society and raised there. After an earthquake that destroyed most of the Dryad village, Maeve embarked on a mission to find the cause and discovered that a mage was experimenting nearby and that went wrong and ruined the village. One of the seers of the village sensed the fucked up nature and magic and having nothing to do, Maeve went on an adventure!
Will fight those who hurt her friends, and any innocents.
(Hufflepuff Hulk of the party)


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